We are Salt. A digital publication offering a fresh perspective of the Great Lakes. Where other regional publications focus on travel deals, home decor, and lakeside living, we focus on new technologies, manufacturing, economic development, entrepreneurs, and industry growth within a 50 mile radius of the shore.

We are not simply a publication, we are a movement. Our contingent of #SaltShakers join together to bring articles to life in real applications.

Our competitors skew to well-established, male, and affluent readers. Other business publications in Chicago have an average age of 51 with 86% of their readers being in top management. In Detroit, they list 41% of their online executives are millionaires. On average, our competitors see males as 66.5% of their total audience. Salt‘s target demographic is 20-50 year olds and focuses on nontraditional innovators (young, minority, and women) in addition to the traditional demographics. We do not believe that only millionaires are interested in business and so we feature articles that are exciting, aimed at community pride.

Let’s see what we’re writing about this year: Editorial Calendar 2017

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