Guest Experts

Our Guest Experts represent a wide variety of industries and each are leaders in their field. They provide valuable insight into their worlds by raising questions we didn’t think to ask and answering questions we couldn’t even possibly begin to formulate.

Alicia Blessing: As the Director for Digital Marketing for TeamNEO, Alicia develops and manages marketing and communication initiatives that build awareness of the region’s assets and strengthen the Cleveland Plus brand, with a focus on digital marketing.

Alice Cable: Alice is the Executive Director of AWT – the Alliance for Working Together. AWT focuses on manufacturing and closing the career gap in today’s workforce. Alice shares information in an engaging and relatable way: whether it’s through teaching, customer service, marketing, or strategy. She teaches people how to get the most out of their resources.

Kip Marlow: Kip is the director of Lake Start, an entrepreneurial organization located just east of Cleveland. Previously, he was Founder and President of Marlow Surgical Technologies for 22 years. The Company held 13 patents and marketed speciality surgical instruments throughout the world.

Amber Pollack-Berti: Amber graduated with a degree in microbiology and has since led a career path into software testing.  She recently worked at a small bioinformatics software company in Madison, WI and is now in the process of moving to Detroit.  She assures us that she could align dinosaur genomes, if someone ever managed to sequence one. (Hello, Jurassic Park)

Amy Puffenberger: Amy works at the University of Michigan in their communications and marketing departments. She is located in the medical and research schools and is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. In her role at the Medical School, she was the Editor of UMMS Research News.